Training Harajuku Leggings

Size Guide

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These Harajuku Leggings from Simenual have a mesh patchwork design and are made from a polyester/spandex blend. They are ankle-length and are breathable in structure and material. They are perfect for heavy training or for casual occasions. Refer to the sizing table prior to purchase.



Sizing Chart
This is a general reference sizing chart only - please note that sizing does vary from supplier to supplier. For International suppliers, we generally recommend ordering a larger size than usual as sizing can fit smaller - please reference the sizing chart on the specific product page you purchase from.   Particular clothing items may vary in actual size by 1-3 cm or depending on different fits/styles.
Please see the specific sizing chart on the product page in the carousel or under the description if it is provided. Otherwise, you may reference this sizing chart below. If you need more information on sizing, please contact 
sizing chart