Gua Sha Facial Tool Sets

Gua Sha Face Rollers And Sets Collection: How Do they Work And What Are the Benefits 

Gua Sha is an effective, natural tool for removing wrinkles and exercising the facial tissue. You use the tool to scrape your skin and massage it to improve the circulation and bring new blood cells, while repairing anaerobic or depleted areas of your skin and tissue. This tool can be used on the face or other areas of the body and is an ancient Chinese therapy now available to householders at a fraction of the cost of seeing a specialist. This is a self-applicable tool and is meditative to use while therapeutic for the body and skin. There are many benefits from using the Gua Sha which can include reducing skin irritation, chronic pain, moving stagnant "chi" , removing involuntary movements such as facial tics, reducing wrinkles, tightening the skin and much more. 

 gua sha face tool benefits


Some of the possible benefits include :

  • Promotes beauty and wellness 
  • Can help improve firmness, elasticity, tone and overall skin health 
  • Encourages skincare products to penetrate further into the skin 
  • Use after applying facials serums and oils




  • Face Skin Care Tools
  • Jade Roller Face Massager
  • Face Lift Tools
  • Face Roller Jade
  • Facial massage jade roller
  • Wrinkle removal

Jade, Rose Quartz and more rare crystal options available. 

Before and After

before and after gua sha tool application


Gua Sha Application and Directions 

gua sha directions

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