July 10, 2018

Let's face it, winter can be super tough and uncomfortable if you don't have the right wardrobe. It's all about matching the right layers for optimal coziness and style. Sometimes we don't even feel the desire to be a trendsetter because it's just too cold... However, YAW has put together 5 winter layers which make winter just that bit more bearable and bring some light to the darkness.


  • Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt- This is an obvious choice in winter  but it goes a long way with a styled up outlook. We all love sweatshirts and this is just that little bit more special. Made of Polyester and Cotton, this winter wear comes in 5 colours. This also caters to 6 sizes and it is considerably more affordable than your traditional pullovers. YAW girls have commented they are one of the more "cute, colourful and chic" options available. This can definitely keep you warm and doesn’t "hag up" your look! (phew...). 


  • Long Sleeve Sportswear- So when it's time to train in winter, you can count on this little number... This cute layer is made up of spandex and polyester. It is so comfortable to wear during the winter months and what's more, it brings out your shape. It doesn’t botch up your structure nor is it uncomfortable. This winter edition also comes in 5 shades and in 6 different sizes. 


  • Poncho Sweater - This item is unique in that it is made from sustainable material and recycled material. Who said saving the planet can't be sexy?  Unlike sweaters and other pieces of clothing that can keep you warm, this is not your friend for workouts but accompanies you through fresh mornings and evenings. 


  • Quick Drying Sports Jacket - One of the biggest problems we undergo during winters is the dreaded drip dry scenario, when you have to wait for your delicates. Clothes just don’t dry so easily these days! To move beyond this, YAW brings you the Quick Drying Sports Jacket. You can wear it for jogging, bike riding or just on a day out during winter. It comes in 5 colours and 5 sizes. It is light and super comfortable. 


  • Hoodie Blouse Sweatshirt - We are not going to look pitch perfect all the time during winter. When it gets super chilly, we need practical... Enter the sweatshirt. We do need that super comfy outfit that is suitable for all occasions. One such outfit is the Hoodie Blouse Sweatshirt. It makes you look like a normal girl in simplicity yet, is totally adorable. It is made of a cotton/spandex blend. You get all you need from this and it comes in one colour and ranges 5 different sizes. 

If you have any other picks from the YAW collection, please email us and we will include a review in the next edition. Have a "Cozy happy" from YAW....




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