May 03, 2018

With the continuous stress laid on being fit and healthy, it is important that we put ourselves on a disciplined workout routine to achieve the desired results. With a lot of workout options to choose from, you can achieve your goal quickly and more efficiently. And what is better than taking help from your smartphone? Here is a list of 5 fitness apps that you can follow for a good workout session: 


1. Charity Miles

A free app available for iOS and Android users, Charity Miles is an app which donates a few cents for every mile that you end up walking, running or cycling. With many reputed brands associated with CharityMiles, it is satisfying to know that you end up making a difference to not just yourself, but the world too.


2. Keelo

Available only for iOS users, Keelo is a free app specially for those who look for a guided workout routine. With a personalized coach option and 3 different workout levels to choose from, you can feed your trouble areas and pick up exercises that suit best for your body. The personalized coach guides you during and after the session and also provides feedback.


3. Fitstar Personal Trainer

A paid app for Android and iOS users, Fitstar offers a guided workout plan for you to follow and achieve your fitness goals. From exercises ranging from high intensity workouts to yoga, you can choose a variety of exercises so as to achieve your goal. Fitstar also offers video guidance for its users and also records results throughout the day. You can refer to Fitstar for your daily calorie count and map your progress.


4. Workout Trainer

A free app for iOS and Android users, Workout Trainer offers a wide range of workout sessions that include high intensity workout, bodyweight training, yoga, cardio and strength building. With Skimble’s Workout Trainer, you can look at various videos for a guided approach and also listen to specific instructions. You can customize your routine as per your requirement and develop your own workout sessions.


5. Spotify Running

A paid app for iOS and Android users, Spotify Running is an extended fitness app for Spotify. The app matches your running pace with a high beats song and lets you enjoy the workout experience. The app also has some original playlists and mixed songs so as to let you enjoy and have a musical workout.

Make your workout sessions worthwhile and achieve your objectives in a more sustainable manner. Enjoy and have fun sweating! To take it to the next level, combine some of sessions in YAW's latest womens fitness leggings.

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